Group Benefit Plans

Most businesses view their company as being unique, and we understand that.  The number of your employees could be into the hundreds or it might number only a few.  The size of your group does not matter; we will deliver a tailored group benefit package customized to your needs.  The Group Plans are both affordable and flexible, that meet not only the needs of the employees but also those of the employer as well.

The Group Benefit Plan products include the following:

  • Healthcare and Dental care Benefits

Healthcare and Dental care are two of the most common and important group benefits offered by employers.  These benefits assist plan members to bridge the gap between ever increasing costs and those which are covered by Provincial Health Care plans.  Our Benefit Plans can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, whether you have five members or five hundred members.  We have the ability to offer you numerous options, from Basic Plans to Specialty Plans.

  • Disability Insurance Benefits

Disability insurance benefits encompass both short and long term care.  In many cases one does not anticipate being incapacitated due to illness or injury, but in our opinion this type of coverage is essential for your plan members.  Together with the Insurance Companies we develop a detailed menu of services to assist you in developing a disability management program.

  • Critical Insurance Benefits

Whereas Life Insurance has been available for many, many years, insurance to cover critical illness has only been a recent development.  Critical Illness insurance is designed to make this period a bit easier by paying a one time, lump benefit to use any way you wish.  Generally speaking the insurance companies in Canada all offer this product.  While the terms and conditions amongst the insurance companies can vary, the following ailments are generally covered by all companies and are viewed as basic – Heart Attack, Coronary By Pass, Prostrate Cancer, Stroke and Breast Cancer.  Additional options in terms of ailments can as well be built into the coverage.

  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

Despite the concerted efforts of safety officials everywhere, Canada’s accidental death toll continues to increase.  While Insurance will not prevent accidents, it will protect family members against financial hardship that accompany sudden death or dismemberment.  The coverage under this plan includes accidental death, accidental loss of limbs, sight or hearing.

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